Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

What is it?

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is an advanced system of specific techniques. These gentle pumping like movements are applied to the skin (no oil is used) in the direction of the lymph to encourage the removal and filtering of the toxins and excess fluids from cells as well as boosting the body’s natural immunity.

This treatment is mainly used for clearing the congestion, waste and fluid from the system and therefore helps with: fluid retention, oedema (swelling), cellulite, acne, headaches, migraines, respiratory congestion and tiredness which all result from poor lymphatic circulation. It can also help after surgery (i.e. liposuction) for faster recovery, reducing appearance of scarring and bruising (for this you will need GP consent).

Facial MLD works great in reducing congestion in the face, including tired or puffy eyes, and prevents formation of wrinkles. It is also very helpful for acne prone complections.

Regular treatments have great effects on your skin, leaving you looking younger, glowing and toned. It will also boost your metabolism, and you will feel invigorated with more energy to get on with your life.

How this treatment can help you?

helps with cell regeneration that aids healing
faster elimination of toxins thus decongest the skin
improves the tone and texture of your skin
reduces fluid retention, swelling, puffiness and cellulite
relieves tiredness and bloating thus invigorates and energises
strengthens immune system and protects the body against infections
minimises or reduces stretch marks
promotes healing of wounds and burns and improves the appearance of the old scars


This treatment is not suitable for people suffering from:
acute viral or bacterial infections
oedema/fluid retention caused by heart/lung/liver disease
cancer, malignant diseases, cardiac oedema
post cancer condition (requires Doctor's consent)
thrombosis (requires Doctor's consent)
tooth ache – dead teeth and granulomas are stimulated and might ache

Depending on your condition or your reason for manual lymphatic drainage – treatments can last from between 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

Please call or e-mail me for more information. If you’re not sure about your medical condition, please consult your Doctor before making an appointment and ask for written permission allowing you to have manual lymphatic drainage treatment.